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Hospice Aide

When a family member gets diagnosed with a critical illness, the patient and the family would have to spend more time caring for the ailing member and help him manage his condition. This means they need an additional hand that will help them provide for these needs and to attend to the other needs that might be left off due to the added demand of caring for a sick patient.

Our hospice aide is here to provide for those additional services and support. Our aides can help patients and families in:

  • medication reminders
  • assisting the patient in moving around
  • helping out with the household chores
  • doing errands for the patient and family
  • keep the patient as comfortable and convenient
  • provide personal assistance and care
  • help in the case management and coordination by reporting any occurrences or progress

Get your needed assistance today. To start availing of our hospice care program, kindly set a schedule for an initial assessment by calling 818-510-4490.

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