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About Us

Harmony Hospice is a local agency in Van Nuys, California offering full-service hospice programs in the community. It is our goal to introduce and make hospice care known to the areas we are servicing so patients and families will not have to face the painful realities of a life-limiting disease on their own. With our programs and professionals, we hope to shed light on the many possibilities and opportunities that are out there for patients and loved ones. We hope to bring them not just medical assistance but also moral comfort that the rest of their days can be spent with better convenience, allowing them to make happier memories with each other.

Our hospice programs, just like in any other institutions, do not offer healing or treatment. Instead, we are here to help patients manage their symptoms so they don’t have to go through their ordeal in pain. We are here to help them live a more comfortable, dignified, and, possibly, more active lives while they are facing their disease head-on. We also offer life and spiritual counseling so they can better cope and accept the fate that has come upon them. We understand that it is never easy but with our team of counselors, we are confident that patients and families can withstand their struggles better than they would if left on their own.

Our care plans are uniquely tailored for the unique needs of each patient and family. You can trust in our team of professionals to design and provide for your exact needs whenever you need them. We are licensed, Medicare certified, and Joint Commission accredited. For information on qualifications, and other payment options, you are welcomed to connect with us anytime through our contact information. We hope that you will set an appointment with us soon. We cannot wait to bear with you the pain that is upon your shoulders now. Our hands and hearts are ready to lift yours with just a call.

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