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Welcome to Harmony Hospice

It is never easy to face and deal with the painful truth of a critical and life-limiting disease. Whether you are the one afflicted or the loved one of somebody who has to go through the ordeal, such reality can cause you to be physically, emotionally, and mentally immobilized to face the trial head-on.

Harmony Hospice is here to give you the support that you need to continue living a life that is dignified, pain-free, and worthwhile. We do not provide healing, but we provide hope that you can still make your years meaningful and memorable as you spend it with those you love. The services we provide enables:

Old patient talking to the nurse

  • patients to manage their symptoms so they get to spend days in better convenience and comfort; and
  • family members to get the guidance and support they need in assisting the patient in managing his disease, and in preparing the family for the reality that is to come.

Harmony Hospice is always willing and able to provide you with the pillar of strength that you need in these most trying times. We hope to welcome you in our hearts and in our arms soon.


Harmony Hospice is a hospice and palliative care provider that strives to win the trust of patients and clients through wholehearted and dedicated hospice services. Our goal is to provide multi-faceted and full-service hospice care so families get to spend their years, not in misery but on worthwhile memories with each other.

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